Skin Boosting Treatments

SuneKos 200 & 1200

This amazing skin booster has been scientifically credited & proven to eliminate those dark circles around your eyes.

A variety of benefits for the skin are provided by the SuneKos line of injectable dermal fillers. Included in the range are SuneKos 200 and SuneKos 1200.

The tone, texture, and hydration of the skin is improved by a lightweight filler called SuneKos 200. Hyaluronic acid and amino acids are present in it in combination, supporting the synthesis of collagen, enhancing skin elasticity, and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. SuneKos 200 is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the hands, neck, décolletage, and face.

SuneKos 1200 is a more potent filler designed to give the skin some volume and plumpness. Because it contains a greater amount of hyaluronic acid, it is intended for use in areas with deep wrinkles.

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