PLLA Bio-Stimulatory Dermal Fillers

Sculptra & aesPlla Dermal Fillers

PLLA fillers are bio-stimulatory dermal fillers designed to restore volume loss.

They differ from traditional HA dermal fillers as results cannot be seen instantly. Instead, they act on the dermal fibroblast, stimulating the production of new collagen and therefore results appear progressively over a few months.

Due to PLLA fillers gradual process, these injectables often create more natural-looking results in comparison to more traditional dermal fillers and are a great representation of the dramatic advancements in the treatment of the ageing face.

We use a combination of PLLA products eg: Sculptra & aesPlla for our facial rejuvenation & for a more natural BBL

1 Vial £375

2 Vials £700

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